Reoccurring Events:

June 1, 8, 15, 22, 292021

Try it Tuesday
Come in to the store and stay a few hours. While there, try out any of our hundreds of rental games for free! At the end of your visit, feel free to fill out a quick questionnaire about each of the games you played. For each completed questionnaire (one per game) get entered into a raffle for something from our prize closet!

6 PM – 8 PM
Every Wednesday
TTRPG DayLike to play Table Top RPG’s? Looking for a group, or have one already? Come to the store and play 5E or other TTRPG’s. Our Free Gaming area has terrain available for free use, and minis and more terrain can be rented at the front desk.
6 PM – 10 PM
Every Thursday
War Games!Want to play Warhammer 40k or other miniature war games? We will put out more of our war game tables for use on Thursdays. Stay tuned for details on tournaments.
6 PM – 10 PM
Every Friday
Friday Night MagicA night for various Magic the Gathering games and competitions.
6 PM – 10 PM

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