Queen’s Gambit – Games and Hobby Shoppe is an events-driven gaming store. We make our money by selling games and we sell games by providing a place to play them; after all, if you can’t play a game why should you buy it. Our goal is to provide a safe, inclusive play space where anyone can join in on the fun. In our current digital age, people are still looking to make face-to-face connections and our location can provide that all in an enjoyable, engaging atmosphere.

So what are some of these events we are planning on holding? Here are the different types of events we are planning:

  • Weekly. These are tried and true events that have stood the test of time in other similar stores. These are run once a week on a regular basis, thus allowing players to know ahead of time when and what is going on.
  • Ongoing. These are events that are player driven and have no set play time. The players challenge other players from a list and meet in the store. Usually total points are accumulated by the end of a “season”.
  • Special. These are one-off events. Some will be repeated but not on a regular basis.
  • Expansions. As our community grows we will expand the weekly events available.

Our goal is to provide regular events each day of the week.


  • Wednesday Adventurers League (D&D)
  • Friday Magic the Gathering (Modern)
  • Saturday Warhammer 40k
  • Sunday Board Game Demo


  • Warhammer 40k or Age of Sigmar
  • Boardgame Challenge


  • Magic the Gathering alternate formats (Booster Draft, Commander, Open)
  • Warhammer (Age of Sigmar, Necromunda)
  • Alternative CCG (Pokemon, Legend of the Five Rings, etc.)
  • Alternative Wargame (X-Wing, Warmachine, etc.)
  • Pathfinder Night
  • RPG Sample Night (A different rpg is played each time or for several night cycles.)
  • Young Player D&D (special rpg sessions for people between 9-15)


  • Magic the Gathering Pre-Release
  • Used Game Auction (Sell your used games to other customers for store credit.)
  • Classes (Mini-painting, terrain building, Game Master Essentials)
  • Competitions, voted on by the customers (Mini-painting, cos-play outfits, etc.)
  • Community/Pop-Culture (Cos-play, boffer combat exhibit, etc.)

Boardgame Challenge —
From a list of boardgames signed up players can challenge other signees to a board game of their choice. Special rules such as a game can only be chosen once, people can defer once, appropriate lead-time, etc.

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