We’re Open and Renting!

We’ve been open for in store browsing for the past week. We wanted to see how well we would do with our new signs up, on the street, and over our door. Once we got the ‘Ok’ from the building inspector to allow customers in, we unlocked to door to see how we would do ‘organically.’ It has been fantastic! Such a great response from the local community. Folks are truly excited to have a new local game store.

We’ve settled on new store hours:

  • Sunday: Noon to 8pm
  • Monday: Closed
  • Tuesday: Noon to 8pm
  • Wednesday: Noon to 8pm
  • Thursday: Noon to 8pm
  • Friday: Noon to 10pm
  • Saturday: Noon to 10pm

We’ve been fielding questions about our open game space, game rooms, and rental library. We’ve pulled together the majority of the questions and posted answers on our new “Rentals Program” information page.

We want to make our game library available for folks to bring home, one way to alleviate the COVID stay-at-home boredom. We’ll be following strict procedures, keeping any played games quarantined for 48 hours before returning them to the library.

Reach out if you have any questions – 978-655-2654, info@queensgambitgames.com

About that Soft-Opening…

Good news first. We have finished updating our existing game inventory into our web store! (link is also in the menu above) The existing inventory is not all that we plan to offer. If something catches your eye, we can ship it, or set it aside for when the store opens. The site is still very much a work in progress. Please feel free to send us tips, requests, or questions: info@queensgambitgames.com.

Our accounts with the distributors are dependent on having a physical store, so we will need to finish the fit up of the space before we can have a more comprehensive inventory for you to choose from.

Which leads to the not good news.

If you recall this image, from this summer, not much has changed inside the store front. Construction delays have slowed down the progress of getting the space completed. Without getting lost in the details, as one can understand one delay leads to others. As things stand, we are planning on beginning the fit out of the space in November. This should mean a late November, early December soft opening…

Mid-Summer Update

Carrie has been posting updates on Facebook showing the progress of the building renovations.   Our landlord, Lee Properties, LLC, has been working hard trying to balance his timeline, and the safety of workers due to the pandemic.

Our lease does not start until September 1st, or when the city signs off that the space is occupy-able.   We were hoping to be able to get some interior finish work done during the month of August, but that is looking less and less likely.

I have been working on the back end getting licenses and permits, Tax Ids, setting up the accounting and payroll systems.   Dave and I choose to use LightspeedHQ as our Point of Sale and e-Commerce solution.   We’re working now on loading the inventory we have already, and getting the web store set up.

We’ve put in a bid to purchase the inventory and fixtures of a store that is closing up.  We hope to learn in a week or so if that bid was successful.   If so, it will give us a great start on inventory, and furnishings.

Friends and associates we’ve met over the years are helping out with their professional services, and sage advice.  My dear friend Jeffry Pike at Pike Creates to finalize design and promotional imagery.  Dave and Carries old friend, John Wrisley, a veteran local game and comic store owner has been giving us sage advice on starting up and management.  Lewissa Quinn at Threads of Time has agreed to help create some custom vests for Dave, Carrie and I so we look ‘professional’ behind the counter.  Not to mention the private encouragement and support of so many of our friends and family

There is still a lot of work left to do.  We need to get the signage planned and approved, we need to order the tables, chairs, shelves, and oh yes… the games!