We’ve been open for in store browsing for the past week. We wanted to see how well we would do with our new signs up, on the street, and over our door. Once we got the ‘Ok’ from the building inspector to allow customers in, we unlocked to door to see how we would do ‘organically.’ It has been fantastic! Such a great response from the local community. Folks are truly excited to have a new local game store.

We’ve settled on new store hours:

  • Sunday: Noon to 8pm
  • Monday: Closed
  • Tuesday: Noon to 8pm
  • Wednesday: Noon to 8pm
  • Thursday: Noon to 8pm
  • Friday: Noon to 10pm
  • Saturday: Noon to 10pm

We’ve been fielding questions about our open game space, game rooms, and rental library. We’ve pulled together the majority of the questions and posted answers on our new “Rentals Program” information page.

We want to make our game library available for folks to bring home, one way to alleviate the COVID stay-at-home boredom. We’ll be following strict procedures, keeping any played games quarantined for 48 hours before returning them to the library.

Reach out if you have any questions – 978-655-2654, info@queensgambitgames.com

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