Good news first. We have finished updating our existing game inventory into our web store! (link is also in the menu above) The existing inventory is not all that we plan to offer. If something catches your eye, we can ship it, or set it aside for when the store opens. The site is still very much a work in progress. Please feel free to send us tips, requests, or questions:

Our accounts with the distributors are dependent on having a physical store, so we will need to finish the fit up of the space before we can have a more comprehensive inventory for you to choose from.

Which leads to the not good news.

If you recall this image, from this summer, not much has changed inside the store front. Construction delays have slowed down the progress of getting the space completed. Without getting lost in the details, as one can understand one delay leads to others. As things stand, we are planning on beginning the fit out of the space in November. This should mean a late November, early December soft opening…

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