I wanted to reach out addressing COVID-19’s effect on Queen’s Gambit.   We are still deeply involved in planning and preparation our store for a mid to late summer 2020 opening.   While it is within reason that COVID-19’s most serious effects will have passed by that time, we are keeping current events in mind.  

As the owner, I am making it a priority that employees will have a livable wage, and access to affordable health care and sick leave.   I view this as essential to ensure the safety and well-being of the staff, without whom this endeavor cannot succeed.   These essential policies are going to be crucial to the success of our store, and community.  

Dave, Carrie and I are preparing store policy and procedures to emphasize employee and customer health and well-being.   There are a number of excellent examples in the gaming community we will be emulating, as well as the essential CDC guidelines:  stay home if sick, cover your cough, and wash your hands.

We are proceeding with all due deliberation to bring to the Haverhill and Mill City communities the best gaming store, gaming center, and gaming community possible.  They will not be possible without your assistance, either through investment or patronage.   Thank you for your support, and encouragement.


Russ Morgridge

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