It is official! Queen’s Gambit • Games and Hobby Shoppe has partnered with the local investment crowdfunding company Mainvest to offer an opportunity for community members to support, and share in the success of our nascent local business. You can see our campaign page at

Dave and Carrie have been close friends for over 30 years. With the support of our caring community of friends that have encouraged us over the years that we have decided to try something a bit daring.

We have a solid financial plan, and a solid amount of funding already secured. However, we have decided to open up a crowdfunding campaign to help provide additional funds to build a strong start-up marketing campaign, and hopefully also allow us to provide a space than the usual rows of shelves and tables that is the standard in game stores in the area.

For years, we have pondered how to incorporate our passion for tabletop gaming into something more than a hobby. Dave and Carrie have their own published titles, I dare say we can call them a “studio” or maybe a designer? You can check out their website, and their titles on DriveThruRPG. As for myself, I have also wondered how I could use what resources I have available to me to help foster values that I hold – the value of community and friendship.
We’ve poured over market research, how to guides, read the nightmare scenarios, run then numbers, and done several gut checks. While we have a few weaknesses to address, we firmly believe that our strengths, and active support from experts, can pull us through the all-important first years. They have daringly stepped up to run the store day to day, while I support them with the financial and administrative backing and more than some evening hours I am sure as well.

At Queen’s Gambit • Games and Hobby Shoppe, we are looking forward to providing a safe and welcoming environment for families and friends to gather around games and amusements that encourage face to face social interaction, cooperative as well as competitive board, card, and role playing game experiences.

We will offer comfortable seating and tables, as well as light refreshments to compliment the full stock of tabletop gaming, hobby, and pop culture merchandise. 

Many thanks to all who have contributed advice and support over these past few months.

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