Queen’s Gambit • Games and Hobby Shoppe

Merrimack Valley’s newest full-service family friendly local game store in Methuen, Massachusetts.


We'll host a varied selection of gaming retail merchandise and an in-store gaming area, with a growing board game library for guests to enjoy.


We will have an extensive schedule of events to bring players together. We will foster community by being open, friendly, and accepting, and maintaining a clean and appealing space.


Our staff is knowledgeable of the tabletop gaming market, and gaming community at large. Introducing classic and current games to new customers, and providing gaming supplies and staples to dedicate gaming enthusiasts.

The table top gaming industry is exploding as game designers are sharing new game play mechanics that are simple and easy to teach to new players, while also providing challenges to experts. Independent designers and established studios are creating exciting games with new ways to use cards, dice, boards, and more to provide entertainment and fun for anyone. We want to share this exciting sub-culture with the community of Methuen.

Who's Behind Queen's Gambit

We are a small team of semi-talented quasi-professionals trying to share our joy of gaming with the community of the Methuen

Russ Morgridge


Russ is the daring entrepreneur taking his opportunity to harness his passion for games of all sorts to build a community space for people to discover new games, make new friends, and forge memories to last a lifetime.

He brings his decades of experience in the gaming community. He was a Local Coordinator for Wizards of the Coast’s Dungeons and Dragons Adventurers League. During his tenure, the organized play community in his stores increased from a regular 4-8 players per evening to over 100 weekly participants. He is also a regular organizer, contributor and participant in several local gaming conventions.

Dave Dolph

General Manager

David Dolph brings over four decades of experience in the gaming community. For 25 years he organized and ran large-scale gaming events of up to 200 people. He continues to regularly write product for current games. For the past 18 years he has worked in supply chain as shipper/receiver, but also in tackling such things as inventory control and turn rates. Before that he worked for 15 years in retail working his way up to management positions.

Carrie Dolph

Events Manager

Carrie has over 25 years experience coordinating events, managing staff / volunteers, adapting / maintaining registration systems, and most importantly engage people in intriguing stories.


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